Announcing the M20TN Acclaim!

We are proud to announce the next aircraft joining our M20 Family: The M20TN Acclaim Type S! This aircraft will be another FREE inclusion to all our existing customers. This aircraft will feature all the great features you love of the M20R Ovation III. The package will include 3 Aircraft: The M20TN Acclaim, M20R Ovation II, and M20R Ovation III! Expect to see in-sim screenshots in the next few weeks, and release to follow!

Before that, The Ovation II and III will be seeing a big update in the coming week or so!

A list of planned features for Version 2.1.0 of the M20R Ovations:

  • Mac Compatibility!
  • Custom G1000 Overlays for the Ovation III: Custom Engine Page, Warnings, Checklists, and more
  • Custom Menus including Aircraft, Settings, Checklists, and a Custom Load Manager!
  • Improved Sounds – we have many recordings to add of landing gear, flaps, upgraded engine sounds, and more!
  • Ovation II and Ovation III specific manuals
  • FULL VR Compatibility for the Ovation II (Ovation III already has full compatibility)
  • New/Improved Systems Simulation: Master Warning, Electrical (Battery/Alternator), and Gyro
  • Fix reported bugs

Expect to hear more in the coming days regarding the 2.1.0 update!

Mac Users: If you are interested in being flying the Mac version, send us a general inquiry through the support system and we can get you a copy of the Mac plugin now – No Waiting required!