Current Update Plans and Ovation III News

Ovation II:

We are still working away on updates to the M20R Ovation II!
Updates coming soon to the plane in the next update, or to shortly follow are:

  • TKS Antice System (Interface panel, fluid drain, 3D antice objects, etc., all simulated to match the real aircraft’s system)
  • FMOD Sound Updates! We are refining, tuning, and adding lots of the sound system
  • Full instruction manual on how to use the simulated aspects of the aircraft, this would be in addition to the currently existing POH/AFM included in the plane.
  • Upgrades to the persistent system to include more items
  • Knob Acceleration setting (optional) to make the knobs spin non-linearly when held down, to speed knob rotation.
  • Texture upgrades!

There are a lot more upgrades to follow, that is the stuff we have been/are currently working on at this moment.


Ovation III:

We have started working more on the Ovation III! It will run as a separate aircraft. There will be no charge to existing customers! The price of the M20R for new customers will slightly increase after release. We are planning on many awesome features to integrate with the Ovation III including:

  • A whole new panel, incorporating the Laminar Research G1000!
  • A reimplemented variant of the AFM Advanced Electrical System we initially developed for the Ovation II. This system is detailed beyond the circuit breaker level and runs with a negligible performance impact. We will configure as much as we can for the Ovation III/G1000 changes within limits of the simulator.
  • Performance upgrades of the Ovation III: 310HP engine with maximum RPM at 2700 rpm vs. 280HP with a maximum at 2500 rpm of the Ovation II.
  • An increase of fuel tank capacity to 130 gallons, extending the maximum range to more than 2,400nm!
  • New liveries to match the Ovation III. Ovation II liveries should work with the new variant, but that will be based on development that is still in the works.

Let us know of anything more you want to see integrated into the plane, and we certainly will investigate it.

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