Development and Privacy Policy Updates

Here is some information on our current developments, including new aircraft, and updates to the M20 Collection!

M20 Collection:

  • We are working on a Major update that will bring the aircraft out of Early Access. This is a big update, so we do not have an ETA yet, but it includes a massive rework of our interior 3D model and improvements to systems
  • We will have more to share soon!


Secret Aircraft Development:

  • We have two aircraft in development that we haven’t even talked about yet. Don’t worry, there are multiple people on the team working on different projects, and all our projects build on each other.
  • We have another piston aircraft in the works, that will add a modern trainer to X-Plane hangars! When we have renders to share, we will make a formal product announcement. We hope to release the aircraft in the early summer.
  • We have another business jet in the works as well, this will lay the groundwork for the Lear and Hawker to follow. We are aiming to release information on this aircraft in the coming weeks. We have a product ETA of Q3 2018.


Lear 35A/36A:

  • Development is progressing: we are currently building the codebase along with our secret business jet project. These aircraft will complement each other nicely and will share many features between them. We are aiming for Q3/ Q4 2018 release.


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