Learjet 35: Opinions Needed

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With us wrapping up the development of our M20R, we are soon going to have members of our team begin producing our next aircraft. While the H800XP is in the pipeline, its complexity is tremendous and will be one of the next planes to follow. We are highly considering creating a Learjet 35/36 and would like your opinion on the model we create.

Wikipedia has an excellent article on the Learjet 35 Series where you can get acquainted with the general aircraft.

The Learjet 35 Series has multiple models:

  • Learjet 35 – Standard Model
  • Learjet 35A – Learjet 35 with TFE731-2-2B Upgraded Engine and increased range and payload.
  • Learjet 36 – 500 mile longer range than Learjet 35 due to increased fuel tanks, but the cabin is 18″ smaller.
  • Learjet 36A – Learjet 36 with Learjet 35A improvements
  • C-21A – Military variant of Learjet 35A

We are deciding which model(s) to produce and which people prefer. We want to make what you want! We are currently thinking of creating the Learjet 35A/36A and are very much undecided on making the C-21A.

These aircraft would most likely be with default GNSs or default FMC options and optional RealityXP GTN750/650 and GNS530/430s. Once we have a Honeywell FMS System created, we may integrate it as well later.

Please fill out your preferred features and give us feedback by filling out the survey here.

As always, thank you for supporting us. We hope to have our M20R Ovation released in the next month or two. It should enter the beta stage soon.