M20 Collection 2.2.1 Update Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the M20 Collection Version 2.2.1!

This update is a quick hotfix to resolve a few bugs with the M20s. We have also introduced a (totally optional) method to update – our own Auto-Updater!


  • Fixed Rudder Animation on M20TN
  • Fixed issue where G1000 MFD doesn’t display on some computers
  • Baro and Course knob order fixed on G1000 Popups
  • Vacuum and Ammeter datarefs added for debugging and informational purposes.

To Install:
You have not one, not two, not three, but *four* options on how to install the latest beta!

  1. Use our new *Alpha* Auto-Updater! See more here. —or—
  2. Download the Patch Installer from here. —or—
  3. Download the Patch Zip from here. —or—
  4. Redownload the M20 Collection by going to your AFM Store Account Manager Page ( and enter your email. It will send you a link to access your orders. Download from there.

As Usual, no Reactivation should be necessary!