M20 Collection Update 2.1.0 Released

AFM is proud to announce the release of version 2.1.0 of the M20 Collection. We are now focused on getting the M20TN Acclaim ready to join the fleet. This update features numerous new additions and improvement including a custom Load Manager/Menu System, fully customized G1000 with engine display, page, checklists, and custom popups to see these features in 2D as well! (An X-Plane first! – Thanks, Totoritko from HotStart for making this available). Please download and enjoy our latest free update.

To Update:

  • Go to your AFM Store Account Manager Page ( and enter your email. It will send you a link to access your orders. Download from there.
  • -or- Use the original download link from your email – it should work.
  • Install the AFM folder into the same directory (X-Plane 11/Aircraft) and overwrite all files. This will include the O2 and O3
  • Load the aircraft! If installed properly all your settings will be untouched, and no reactivation is needed!


  • Custom G1000 Additions: Custom Engine and Checklist Pages including lean assist, fuel calculator and more! We also have added custom popups for the G1000 so you can see our G1000 additions in 2D and 3D.
  • Mac Compatibility!
  • Custom Menu Interface: Load Manager, Aircraft Menu, and Settings, all in a custom, image-based, resizable and pop-outable fashion.
  • Custom Load Manager with Custom Weight/Balance engine.
  • Full VR Support added to the Ovation 2 as well – we are improving VR in patches as Laminar release documentation. VR Virtual Yokes have been added.
  • Sounds: Revamped Sounds for engine, flaps, and gear
  • Liveries: 3 More Default Liveries Included! N1021K, G-MUNI, and HB-DIL
  • Systems: Gyro Simulation Revamped
  • Systems: Master Warning Interface also revamped to improve accuracy
  • Flight Model: Drag profile Adjusted for accuracy
  • Flight Model: Engine quitting at idle issue fixed
  • Flight Model: Default Prop Pitch adjusted
  • Flight Model: Ovation 3 Autopilot retuned for Heading and Localizer intercepts to match G1000 performance. Auto back course now functions properly.
  • Flight Model: High-speed oscillations resolved with autopilot
  • Documentation: Ovation 3 Manual and Checklists Added
  • Graphics: Lit Texture for Altimeter on Ovation 3 fixed
  • Graphics: Pull to Cage added to Standby Attitude Indicator on Ovation 3
  • Activator: Improved activator for ease of use
  • Activator: Verified all code to function properly so no reload is necessary after activation
  • Misc: Hardware Master Switch On Command now functions
  • Misc: Blank switch is now movable on Ovation 2
  • Misc: FPS Menu function will now be more accurate