M20R Ovation II Available NOW in Early Access Beta

This is the initial public release of Advanced Flight Modeling’s M20R Ovation II!

The M20R is in EARLY ACCESS: The plane is not complete regarding graphics and sounds. Regarding systems, the aircraft is nearly feature complete, sans some avionics to come shortly. All future updates are included! If graphics are the main selling point for you, you may consider holding off until our main release, where the aircraft will be more polished.

Features include:

– Advanced Electrical System with all buses, switches, and circuit breakers as functional as realistically possible in the simulator
– Optimized, Ultra-Realistic Aerodynamics with a flight model created by Rush at AeroSimGaming
– Custom avionics including the KFC-225 Autopilot, KDI-572 DME, KR87 ADF, M800 Chronometer, M20R Annunciators, M20R Digital Engine and System Instruments, EDM-700 Engine Monitor, and more to come!
– Persistent Systems between uses of the aircraft. Switches, Battery Charges, Settings, etc. are saved
– Detailed and Descriptive Manual on systems in the aircraft, performance charts, general information, and more
– FMOD Sound Pack with recordings from the real plane
– Entirely custom designed, 3D instruments on the panel
– Built in compatibility (3D in-panel) for RealityXP’s Garmin GTN750/650 and GNS530/430
– Highly detailed PBR (Physically Based Rendering) Model with accurate reflections
– Default X-Plane GNS530 and GNS430 integrated into aircraft
– Fully custom plugin using C++ and the X-Plane SDK: no compromises for performance – No Lua based plugins are incorporated into the plane
– Fully HD 4K Textures
– Includes 7 High-Detailed Fully HD Liveries, with more available on our website for free!
– Access to our livery creation service, if you want to have a custom tail number, color scheme, or livery! (Additional Charge)
– Non Obtrusive DRM: Offline activation system

The Aircraft is available now at in EARLY ACCESS.

Have fun flying! And PLEASE, your feedback is most important to us. Whether on the forum, through our support ticket system, or through email, Discord (Coop1019), or more, we want your feedback, bug reports, and questions.

This has been a journey, and it sure isn’t stopping now. Thanks!