M20R Ovation III Alpha Available

We have decided to start controlled distribution of the M20R Ovation III update! This is not feature complete and is in late Alpha stages, not Early Access Beta.

This is Version 2 of the M20R Package!

How do I get the M20R Ovation III? 

  1. Purchase the M20R Ovation from if you haven’t already
  2. Go to and open a ticket under the category Ovation 3 Early Access Request and provide the order number, and please use the email you used from the store for easy validation.
  3. We will send you a download link shortly to install to your existing M20R Ovation install.

Feature List (of this alpha):

  • Ovation 3 Performance Updates including 130-gallon fuel tank and 310HP engine.
  • Laminar Research G1000 is fully integrated
  • Customized Engine and Trim overlays to represent the M20R*
  • A fully revamped electrical system including buses, circuit breakers, etc.
  • Custom Menu system using Laminar’s SDK allowing popout windows
  • Revamped Cabin*
  • Revamped FMOD sounds
  • Full VR Compatibility*
  • Ovation 3 Liveries! (All Ovation II liveries are also compatible with the Ovation III as well)
  • XP SDK 3.0 features integrated
  • Performance Improvements (I am getting ~20fps greater than the latest released Ovation II version. The M20R Ovation II will soon get these updates
  • And much, much more!

The full version of the M20R Ovation II & III package will be distributed in the main download through the store in a few short weeks. Until then, we will be doing a controlled Alpha for the Ovation III!

*These features are still being integrated and worked on. They may not be complete at this time.