M20R Update: Beta 1.2.3

One more quick update for the M20R, released in Early Access! We addressed a few bugs with this update.

To Update:

  • Go to your AFM Store Account Manager Page ( and enter your email. It will send you a link to access your orders. Download from there.
  • -or- Use the original download link from your email – it should work.
  • Install the AFM folder into the same directory (X-Plane 11/Aircraft) and overwrite all files.
  • Load the aircraft! If installed properly all your settings will be untouched and no reactivation is needed!


  • Updated a few liveries where there were some wrong textures
  • Addressed a sound issue with autopilot alerter sound playing wrong. We are working on fixing the bug, in the meantime, that sound has been disabled
  • Some minor texture changes