M20R Update: Beta 1.3.0

A big round of fixes for the M20R! We have added DDS textures to improve performance. We have tweaked lots of little bits of the plane to make it behave much more realistically.

To Update:

  • Go to your AFM Store Account Manager Page ( and enter your email. It will send you a link to access your orders. Download from there.
  • -or- Use the original download link from your email – it should work.
  • Install the AFM folder into the same directory (X-Plane 11/Aircraft) and overwrite all files.
  • Load the aircraft! If installed properly all your settings will be untouched and no reactivation is needed!


  • DDS textures added for all objects everything. This should increase performance and drastically reduces load time. (All Custom Liveries downloads also have DDS added. Redownload them for the update)
  • Autopilot Constants are much smoother and the autopilot no longer oscillates
  • HSI Nav Flag showing incorrectly
  • HSI Course Deflection Rotates with Course
  • Decreased Pitch Sensitivity
  • OAT Temperature now shows properly in negative temperatures
  • GPS Range Knob Manipulators Changed
  • Exhaust Pipe end is no longer solid
  • DRM Email field is now NOT case sensitive


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