M20R Update: Beta 1.4.0

This is a big update! We have added TKS Ice Protection, improved sounds, and squashed tons of bugs! It is a culmination of 3 weeks of updating, fixing, and adjusting things to improve the plane! This will be our last update to support X-Plane 11.05. All future updates will be for X-Plane 11.10+ only.

To Update:

  • Go to your AFM Store Account Manager Page ( and enter your email. It will send you a link to access your orders. Download from there.
  • -or- Use the original download link from your email – it should work.
  • Install the AFM folder into the same directory (X-Plane 11/Aircraft) and overwrite all files.
  • Load the aircraft! If installed properly all your settings will be untouched, and no reactivation is needed!


  • TKS Ice Protection System Added: Detailed system depth simulation of antice with fluid drain, multiple pumps, electrical load, and all anti-ice panels are 3D modeled!
  • Exterior Sounds Added! Interior sounds tuned! Much more to come in the sound department soon, but it is improved.
  • Instruction Manual Added for more details on how to operate the aircraft.
  • Persistence System: Added exterior objects (cones, covers, etc.), fixed DME persistence
  • Knob Acceleration Setting: Off by default, turn on in M20R Settings. Will accelerate heading/course knobs to allow for quicker adjustments
  • 3D Object of nose adjusted to better reflect reality. All efforts have been made to keep compatibility will existing liveries
  • Added ability to start the flight with the engine running and the aircraft’s custom systems will also be ready to go. Will also not show exterior objects (cones, covers, etc.)
  • Magnetic Compass center line added
  • Attitude Indicator Triangle Added
  • Instrument/Panel Light Knob Rotation added
  • Default X-Plane 11.10 alert sounds muted
  • M20R.obj texture requirement error fixed
  • Fixed .acf VNO to be at proper airspeed