M20R Update: Beta 2.0.5

This is the Version 2 update for the M20R Ovation II and M20R Ovation III! It brings both to the same level of complexity. Both aircraft are now included in the main download, with the O2 being in Public Beta, and the O3 being in Public Alpha.


  • Added Ovation III plugin upgrades to Ovation II
  • Added Ovation III new cabin textures to Ovation II
  • Added Compass Line to Ovation III
  • Fixed Panel Gap on Ovation III
  • Fixed FMOD “Begin Sound Attachment” error
  • Adjusted Ovation II viewpoint
  • Added Cabin Wear Textures
  • Adjusted more manipulators to be VR compatible, including range buttons.
  • Integrated the libacfutils┬álibrary by┬áSaso Kiselkov (Totoritko). Only small changes were made, but this library will allow for lots of improvements!

To Update:

  • Go to your AFM Store Account Manager Page ( and enter your email. It will send you a link to access your orders. Download from there.
  • -or- Use the original download link from your email – it should work.
  • Install the AFM folder into the same directory (X-Plane 11/Aircraft) and overwrite all files. This will include the O2 and O3
  • Load the aircraft! If installed properly all your settings will be untouched, and no reactivation is needed!