M20R Development Update | Mid December 2016

Thank you, everyone, for your support and excitement of our project. You are what keeps us motivated and working towards the final release of our M20R. This month was a massive leap in our progress of the model. We have developed some plugin technologies that I can not go into detail about at this time, but are quite revolutionary for flight models in X-Plane! Here is our progress in the different areas of the model:

3D Modeling:

We are nearing completion with the 3D Model. We have to complete the doors, some animations, and a few other pieces of the model. We are in the final few percent for the model.


We have commenced experimenting with textures for the M20R. We are creating PBR and non-PBR textures for X-Plane 11, and X-Plane 10, respectively.

Here is an example of the PBR textures in progress for the landing gear on the M20R:


We are making significant progress with our internal SDK based plugin, and we are working on our menu interface and drawing system.

Flight Model:

The flight model is additionally in the near final stages. We still need to apply our proprietary systems to the model, including our Engine model, but the aerodynamics of the model is reaching completion.


We have recorded more custom sounds and are investigating integration possibilities.


We have worked on our support ticket system to be able to handle bug reports and issues with customers in an efficient way. Feel free to check it out at

From the whole team at Advanced Flight Modeling Simulation, Happy Holidays, and a Great New Year!

All the best, and as always, feel free to comment or contact us for more information at any time.