H800XP Development Notice

Hello Fellow Simmers:
Advanced Flight Modeling Simulation is proud to announce our project in development: the H800XP!
H800XP_5_2_16_i1 H800XP_5_2_16_i2 H800XP_5_2_16_i3
This aircraft will fill a much needed gap of a ultra-high detailed aircraft in the business jet area. This plane will have advanced custom systems including a custom PFD/MFD System and a highly advanced custom FMC.
Our modeling will be with ultra-high resolution textures, while keeping it frame friendly using advanced methods that have been implemented from the start. We are working with a real world H800XP pilot to assure that the systems are to their full depth and accurate. The goal is for a near “study-level” simulation.
We also feel that flight dynamics is of utmost importance, and we are developing a full flight test program for our model to assure that it flies like the real aircraft under nearly every imaginable scenario.
AFM is a small team with a large amount of expertise. We will be learning alot while we go, but we know what we need to do. We are developing as fast as we can, but systems this detailed will take quite a bit of time.
We will be very communicative during the development process. All of our team will be here and ready to answer questions. We will post all major updates under this forum, but even more will be accessible at our website:
There you can see our full blog and join our network. Please ask any questions you desire.
Thank You,
The Advanced Flight Modeling Team