Status Update July 30, 2016

Recently, Work has been done on the systems internal side of the H800XP. Programming of the electrical system and wing-flex have been a large part of the progress so far. The electrical system is being simulated in the highest fidelity possible, from electrical sources such as batteries, the apu, gpu, and engine gens, to inverters, to electrical buses, to individual circuit breakers which can be pulled, to the electrical source which can take fluctuating power within actual limits of the aircraft. The wingflex system has also made significant progress, factoring in fuel weight at different locations in the wing, weight of the passengers in the aircraft, speed the aircraft is traveling, g-forces on the aircraft, wind direction and speed, and more. This makes a highly realistic wingflex vector that will be applied to the 3d model!
Here is a image of the cockpit progress: